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Innovations! Destination: Future

The exhibition is looking back at the innovative potential of the enterprises in the concern founded by Count Zeppelin, while it also looks to the future and illustrates the strategies the businesses developed to remain marketable and globally successful. Two crossing path – innovation and hands-on path – guide the visitors through the exhibition. The exhibition steps range from airship travel and lightweight construction in aluminium to the construction of satellites and components for space travel. Like newspaper headlines texts and pictures are floating around and explore the innovative potential of the groundbreaking objects. The whole exhibition architecture is built of OSB and staged as a »maker lab«. In contrast atmospherical projections on high-gloss mirrors underline the innovative high-tech character of the objects and put them into context.

Graphic Artdirection at

Photos: @ Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen,
Markus Tretter / | neumann schneider architekten

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UDJ Jazzforum

Poster, flyer, program and totebag for UDJ Jazzforum

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I see what you mean

Theoretical Master Thesis at Zurich University of Arts – By means of participatory workshop methodologies and research in the fields of hearing-impaired culture as well as museum education this project explores two main questions. First, how can information for hearing-impaired and hearing people be equally barrier-free accessible? And second, how can social or communicative value be generated? I see what you mean shows a new point of view on barrier-free information by placing virtual or physical social objects in exhibitions.
Two scenarios Share virtual object(s) and Visual intervention by real objects are developed and discussed in this thesis.

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Jazzwoche Hannover 2015

Poster and folded program flyer for annual jazz festival in Hannover.

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Graphics for a series of concerts with a focus on experimental vocal art